Our misson

  • to defend the professional status, the medical prestige and the medical deontology, as well as to improve of the work conditions of the specialist medics in medical oncology;
  • to promote the studies and research in cancer domain;
  • to organize clinical studies (trials) with national and international cooperation;
  • to organize the specialty reporting through the scientific materials procurement and to support the editing of scientific studies and works in the cancer domain;
  • to support the publication of regulations regarding the privatization in oncology domain and to support its members in obtaining advantageous credits for privatization;
  • to define the medical oncology specialization, its competencies, as well as the Medical Oncology credentials conditions;
  • to support labor protection legislative and administrative measures in the domain of anti-cancer medication manipulation and cancer patients treatment;
  • to analyze and to recommend adequate programs and structures for the medics preparation in medical oncology specialization;
  • to support an adequate legislation regarding the programming of the oncology medics number and territorial distribution.