The ESMO – SNOMR symposium now has a history. Three similar events  preceding this meeting where organized in 2008 -2009 in Romania. SNOMR stands for National Society for Medical Oncology of Romania. The  ESMO –SNOMR symposium were arranged and organized at the same time as  the National Conference in Medical Oncology. This year the speakers from ESMO which we had the pleasure of inviting were  Rafael Catane from Israel and Peter Boyle from France.

The topics of this symposium covered the main issues of Medical Oncology.  The most important topics discussed were:

  • “The Globalization of Cancer”; this  was a general talk about the future cancer burden and inequalities faced by  patients.
  • “Principles and indications of chemotherapy”,
  • “Principles and indications of surgery in oncology”,
  • “The immune response to  tumors: targets, mechanisms, and clinical applications”.

Also presented were  topics on “First line chemotherapy” with exemplification of chemotherapy for lung  cancer, “Second line chemotherapy”, “Principles of maintenance chemotherapy  with the example used lung cancer”, “Principles of hormone therapy”, “Principles  of individualized systemic treatment with the example used: breast cancer”.

The Romanian speakers were Alexandru Grigorescu, Tudor Ciuleanu, Alexandru  Eniu, Mircea Dediu, Alexandru Blidaru and, with  representation from heads of several Romanian Medical Oncology departments  located in significant towns in Romania, with large experience in clinical trials.  Rafael Catane made an introduction in palliative care and emphasized the roll of the ESMO Palliative Care Working Group.


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